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ACCIon RCON tool (for Ark, ATLAS & more)

ACCIon is an RCON tool for the administration of servers that support RCON.
ACCIon works for:

  • Ark Survivial Evolved
  • Dark & Light
  • Atlas
  • Conan
  • PiXArk
  • and other RCON Games.


  • Administer up to 100(Patreon) or 15(Free) servers at the same time
  • Display of chats
  • Display of the logs
  • Show connected player
  • Discord Bot. ACCIon transfers the chat log and the cheat logs to your Discord server.
    If you have the ionbridge, you can also send messages from discord to the servers.
    If you have Acmd you can also send commands to the server.
  • Send commandos to the servers: server chat, broadcast, kick-bann players and more
  • Commands can be delayed and repeated (query display)
  • Commands can be executed daily
  • Free color choice for better distinction
  • Up to 3 groups usable for a better distinction
  • Right Click on Player opens the Steam profile
  • Marking new players
  • Display of the game time per server
  • Logs are stored separately in the log folder
  • Cross Ark Chat (Patreons)
  • InGame RCON Commands(Patreons)


In order to use this program, the server needs the following start parameters:

Replace Portnumber and YourPassword.

This tool need Netframework 4.5.2



Extensions for Patreons

Most extensions are already usable, if not in the description.
However, they are still in the development phase and I can not guarantee the function or error-free function!

With the benefit of this function and the patreon status, the further development and stabilization will be promoted!


IonBridge (Cluster Chat)

With the chat command Ion: it is possible to write cluster wide.
e.g. Ion: Help a dodo bit me in the foot!
will be read seconds later on all servers in the cluster.

The IonBridge sends the command to all designated servers except the one from the message came.

You can set via the Config.ini
whether the bridge should be restricted to groups in ACCIon or works across all groups.
You can also set whether the server name should be included in the message.

Further development planned with support:

The chat command Ion: can be replaced as required.
More configurability when formatting the chat.
Performance increase.

AtlasDB (Playername, Tribename)

AtlasDB is an extension that connects to the Atlas database.
This makes it possible to expand the display of players in ACCIon.

This will display the InGame name as well as the tribe name of the player.

Further development planned with support:

Display of the tribelogs.
Display of the ships of the Tribes (number).
Display of the positions of the ships.

Acmd (InGame RCON Commands)

Acmd is an extension that allows Admins InGame to send RCON commands through the game chat.

e.g. CMD: Broadcast The server got tangled in the power cable. Keep calm!
(Sends the command to the server from which it was sent.)

e.g. ACMD: DoExit
(Turn off all servers in ACCIon!)

The commands can optionally be sent to one or all servers.
Any number of admins can be added or deleted via config.ini.

Further development planned with support:

More choice possible with the target servers.
Special commands like shutdown.
Self-determination of the command introduction "CMD:"

Increase server number

Further development planned with support:

Server number of ACCIon increase step by step to up to 100 servers.
Depending on the support gets the priority.

Aktuel Max Server: 100

Become a Patreon and use the extensions

To use one or more extensions, you need to do the following.

1. Become a Patreon:
(At least the second level.)
2. Open ACCIon and there the options.
3. Click on the button below the Patreon picture.
4. Choose what you want to use.
5. Send an e-mail to the given address with your Patreon name and your ID next to the button.

It takes a while, but then you should have the features you want.






The current version can be found here: Download






Comment by chwlgn13 |

Could you change the command or chat to support Unicode?
It is not supported to use Korean, so commands and chat are not sent. It's too bad.

Comment by Galarn AKA. Beau^^^^^^ |

Regarding your IonBridge (Cluster Chat),

have you make it so we can change the size of the text so it is not Big Yellow Rcon Text, also do you have it and can you make it so we can integrate it to a discord channel, so you can you in game chat in discord and talk from discord to the servers.

Reply by ACCIon_Developer

Hi Galarn,

IonBridge haven't yet this option. If i find a way i will implement it.
IonBridge have the following option:

Here you can set whether the server name should be included in the message.

A Discord api implement is not planned. Maybe later.

Comment by Beau |

First, i use a program called cross ark chat, it makes it possible to talk to every server on the cluster, however as it back off a Rcon base, the chat does not show up in ACCIon, is that something that can be fixed, if not all good, just thought that i would ask.

Now i have another question for you.
Do you have the knowledge to make a API that will change the Rcon chat from Big yellow text to a Custom Text size and colour.

Reply by ACCIon_Developer

You can use only one RCON tool at same time. If you use more than one RCON tool your logs will be split possibly lost.

Your second question.
Actually not. I think there is a mod needed. If there is a mod that have a good api i can try to use this.
I dont like the Bigyellow too.
That why IonBridge only work if someone write "Ion: " so that not everything in chat goes yellow.

Comment by Doublee Gaming |

I was wondering if I could donate to get a version with 40 RCON sever options. We are using the tool for Atlas and went from 9 zones to 40 and would love to have this tool use 40 :) Let me know and I will donate. Thx. Eddie (you can find me on Discord at: Doublee#0313 or join awesome work.

Reply by ACCIon_Developer

ACCIon was developed at a time when 15 servers were really much.
Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to enable more servers.

In Momemt I'm working on new release with much more stable network code.
And some features that I only Patreons want to provide.

After 1 1/2 years, unfortunately, except for a friend, no Patreon found the tool would like to support.
However, if there are enough people with monthly support, I would like to develop ACCion for more servers.