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ACCIon RCON tool (for Ark, ATLAS & more)

ACCIon is an RCON tool for the administration of servers that support RCON.
ACCIon works for:

  • Ark Survivial Evolved
  • Dark & Light
  • Atlas
  • Conan
  • PiXArk
  • and other RCON Games.


  • Administer up to 100(Patreon) or 15(Free) servers at the same time
  • Display of chats
  • Display of the logs
  • Show connected player
  • Discord Bot. ACCIon transfers the chat log and the cheat logs to your Discord server.
  • Send commandos to the servers: server chat, broadcast, kick-bann players and more
  • Commands can be delayed and repeated (query display)
  • Commands can be executed daily
  • Free color choice for better distinction
  • Up to 3 groups usable for a better distinction
  • Right Click on Player opens the Steam profile
  • Marking new players
  • Display of the game time per server
  • Logs are stored separately in the log folder


In order to use this program, the server needs the following start parameters:

Replace Portnumber and YourPassword.

This tool need Netframework 4.5.2







The current version can be found here: Download